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Drug Profiles:
AKA: Namenda®, Ebixa®


CAUTION: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription.



About the Drug:

Namenda is a relative newcomer to the prevention of chronic tension-type headache and Migraine. As is the case with all but four medications currently in use for Migraine prevention, Namenda was noticed to help prevent Migraine when it was prescribed for another condition and is now being prescribed off-label for Migraine prevention.  


Namenda is an NMDA receptor agonist used as a treatment if moderate to severe dementia of the type caused by Alzheimer's disease. It is a symptomatic treatment; it cannot cure Alzheimer's disease or stop its progression. It is also now being prescribed off-label for a number of other purposes, including the prevention of headache and Migraine.

You can find a full profile of Namenda as well as more information about its use in prevention chronic tension-type headaches and Migraine by visiting Teri Robert at About Headaches and Migraine.

Click here for the full profile and additional information.


Click here to view the FDA-approved prescribing information for memantine. (Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

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