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Press Release

Italian Cultural Institute Joins the World Headache Alliance In Recognition Of Major Public Health Issue– With Migraine Disease Awareness Art Exhibit

Italian Cultural Institute Director Dr. Martin Stiglio greeting Pierre Lefebvre, Director of the Fondation Quebecoise de Migraine et Cephalees, Canada, during the Special Reception & MIgraine Disease Awareness Art Opening.

Washington, D.C. (February 10th, 2003)- Staff members of MAGNUM, The National Migraine Association, will host international public health advocates for Migraine disease and headache disorders here in the nation's capitol. MAGNUM is an American member non-government organization (NGO) of the World Headache Alliance (WHA). The WHA is a collaborative global alliance of headache organizations from 26 countries, with leading international health advocates from six nations including England, New Zealand, & India participating in the Washington program.

Activities will include the Council Board meeting over several days, meetings with members of the United States Congress, and a special reception & Migraine Disease Awareness Art Exhibition at the Italian Embassy's Cultural Institute. MAGNUM is grateful to the Embassy of Italy for the use of its beautiful Cultural Institute, as using the Institute shows generous support for Migraine disease public health issues.

The Blue Scarf
©Janet McKenzie

The art exhibition will feature the award-winning artwork of artists & Migraineurs Michael John Coleman and Janet McKenzie (the painter of "Jesus of the People"; which was selected winner of the National Catholic Reporter's global competition for a new image of Jesus at the Millennium-which was judged by Sister Wendy Beckett, Britain's most beloved TV art critic).

The Board meeting being hosted by MAGNUM this week will feature a dozen world leading Migraine disease and headache disorder medical advocates. MAGNUM is one of the two American member-NGOs of the World Headache Alliance and considered a leader in getting government involved in helping people who suffer from serious head pain problems. Terri Miller Burchfield, MAGNUM's Legislative Director, noted "We are grateful for the kind support by the Embassy of Italy for the use of their Cultural Center. This kind cooperation and support for a project that reaches out to those who suffer from head pain offers us a venue to reach an audience on both a national and global scale."

MAGNUM will be taking these world leaders to meet with the senior Senator from Virginia, Senator John Warner, at his Capitol hill office, as well as George Allen on Monday February 10th. The leaders are also meeting with U.S. Congressman James P. Moran that same day.

WHA Council would consider it an honor to meet with representatives from the Italian Embassy and staff at the luncheon event. Please find following the names and organizational affiliations for all members of Council and MAGNUM staff to attend. A limited number of members of the press will also be invited and may attend.

  • Dr. Fred Sheftell, Chairman of WHA, New England Center for Headache, USA
  • Dr. Timothy Steiner, International Headache Society, Imperial College, UK
  • Mrs. Ann Turner, Migraine Action Association, UK
  • Mrs. Colette Andree-Hargreaves, Swiss Migraine Trust Foundation, Switzerland
  • Mr. Michael John Coleman, MAGNUM-National Migraine Association, USA
  • Ms. Audrey Craven, Migraine Association of Ireland, Ireland
  • Ms. Annette Hallam, Migraine Sufferers Support Group, New Zealand
  • Mr. Pierre Lefebvre, Fondation Quebecoise de Migraine et Cephalees, Canada
  • Dr. K. Ravishankar, The Headache and Migraine Clinic, Jaslok and Lilavati Hospitals, India
  • Mr. Luis Taboas, Fundacion Puertorriquena de Dolor de Cabeza, Puerto Rico, USA
  • Ms. Kary Shannon, Chief Operating Officer, WHA, Canada
  • Ms. Terri Miller Burchfield, Legislative Director, MAGNUM staff, USA
  • Ms. Susan Moeller Denny, Information Services Officer, MAGNUM staff, USA
  • Ms. Cassandra Eckert, At Large Board Member, MAGNUM staff, USA

On another related matter MAGNUM is moving forward with presenting a joint Senate & House Congressional Resolution declaring September as the United States of America's official "Migraine Disease and Headache Disorder Awareness Month". MAGNUM is currently working with U.S. Senators Warner & Allen to take the lead on the Senate side. In addition, MGANUM is working with U.S. Congressman Moran to take the lead on the House side as he has supported MAGNUM's goals and objectives to help those who suffer for nearly a decade. It is MAGNUM's intention to announce this breakthrough in disease awareness at the proposed art opening/reception at the Italian Cultural Institute. To that fact, this event illustrates Italy's continued medical leadership and compassion on pain issues, as Rome is the host city for the XI Congress of the International Headache Society (IHC 2003). informative display booth.

For more information, visit MAGNUM's top rated and award winning healthcare website, for more on the Italian Cultural Institute visit their website at For further information on Migraine and headache disorders also visit the American Council for Headache Education (ACHE) at, the World Headache Alliance at, and .

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© MAGNUM 2003

Pre-Opening view of the MAGNUM Migraine Disease Awareness Exhibition in Cooperation with the Italian Cultural Institute, in Washington, DC. Featuring American artists & Migraineurs Janet McKenzie's paintings and Michael John Coleman's photography.

New work of artist Michael John Coleman from Rome, Italy, and the 2001 flag angel series featuring model Cassandra Eckert.

Classic images from Coleman's camera printed as emulsion transfers.

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