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When talking about Migraine disease or headaches, there aren't many guarantees, but that doesn't mean that there are none.

We at MAGNUM have Migraine disease and headaches as well, so we understand the challenges Migraineurs and people with headaches face.

Here's a guarantee we can stand behind: Learning about Migraine disease and other head pain disorders is important and empowering. Learning helps us...

  • work as treatment partners with our doctors and get better medical care.

  • know the questions to ask our medical team.

  • be better prepared to care for ourselves during Migraine attacks and headaches.

  • be less tense and afraid.

  • much more...

Below are some books we suggest reading. Visit our online bookstore that has all of these titles and more ready for purchase using's secure server. A portion of every purchase goes to help MAGNUM maintain this not-for-profit Web site.


Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You... That You Need to Know
by Teri Robert

For millions of Americans, Migraine disease, tension headaches, and other headaches are a debilitating part of every day. Teri Robert has been there -- in fact, she experienced her first Migraine at age six. Now, in this groundbreaking holistic guide to the diagnosis and treatment of headaches and Migraine disease, she brings a patient-empowering message to all headache sufferers: you don't have to live with daily pain. She provides you with all the information you need to know about getting the help you need.
     Teri Robert is an award-winning patent advocate who received the National Headache Foundation's "Patient Partners Award" in 2004 for her "efforts in patient education, support, and advocacy." She is the guide for Headaches and Migraine Disease, and serves as the Support Advisor for MAGNUM. Order online now.

Handbook of Headache, 2nd Edition
by Randolph W. Evans, Ninan T. Mathew
This handbook is a practical and easily accessible guide to the diagnosis and management of headache patients. Geared to both primary care physicians and neurologists, the book presents a systematic approach to diagnosis and offers expert recommendations for treating all types of headaches, including migraine, tension and cluster headaches, headache during pregnancy, headache in children, headaches with onset after age 50, and head and neck trauma. Coverage includes detailed guidelines on the use of new antimigraine drugs that have recently been introduced. The book also includes patient education materials and alternative treatments. Written for physicians, but excellent for the educated patient. Order online now.

Conquering Headache: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding the Treatment and Control of Headache (Fourth Edition)
by Alan M. Rapoport, Stewart J. Tepper, Fred D. Sheftell

Provides the truth about headaches and dispels many of the common myths. Provides current information and guidelines to control headaches and improve quality of life. Also covers medication use, including dosages, side effects, and limitations. Conquering Headache is richly illustrated and coauthored by top academic and clinical physicians in the field of Neurology and Headache management. Conquering Headache represents the best in patient information on the subject of headache management. The book relates to the patient, but does not "Talk down" to the reader. Order online now.

Understanding Migraine and Other Headaches
by Stewart J. Tepper
Understanding Migraine and Other Headaches provides up-to-date information on the causes and diagnoses, as well as current preventive measures, effective treatments, and surgical procedures. This overview includes discussion of every major type of headache, including the debilitating, nausea-inducing forms of migraine, episodic tension-type headaches (the most common form), chronic daily headaches, and more obscure headaches such as trigeminal neuralgia and cluster headaches. This book undertakes a comprehensive look at medications for acute "as needed" treatment of headaches and for preventing the onset of an attack. It offers guidelines for assessing headache pain, the level and type of medication needed, possible side effects, and drug effectiveness. Order online now.

Migraine and Other Headaches
by William B. Young & Stephen D. Silberstein
Migraine and Other Headaches is the essential guide for everyone who suffers from headaches, and will provide the information needed to obtain effective medical care and long-term relief. Different types of headache are thoroughly explained in easy to understand language, beginning with migraine, the most common severe headache, which occurs in approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population. Also discussed are rebound headache, tension-type headache--the most common primary headache disorder, cluster headache, unusual headaches, non-headache illnesses that frequently accompany headache, sinus headache, disorders of the neck, post-traumatic headache, and atypical facial pain and trigeminal neuralgia. Order online now.

Migraine: Everything You Need to Know
by Valerie South
Millions of North Americans suffer from Migraine -- it affects people of all ages, races, cultures, personality types, occupations, and income levels. Yet almost half of these people never seek treatment, often believing there is no one who can help them. In this book, Valerie South shows that there is help for Migraine -- various treatments are available, both with and about medication... Order online now.

The Headache Prevention Cookbook
by David Marks, M.D.
recipes by
Laura Marks, M.D.
Using anecdotes from his own practice, Marks explains which ingredients can cause headaches. He also outlines a way to identify our own triggers. The potential triggers include a wide list of ordinary foods, such as beans, chili peppers, dried fruits, canned soup, certain cheeses, certain vinegars, nuts, chocolate, and ice cream. To help people with undiagnosed food sensitivities steer clear of the headache-causing culprits, Laura Marks, a doctor and an accomplished cook, has created more than one hundred easy-to-prepare recipes including Roast Garlic Linguine, Lemon-Glazed Chicken, Jewish-Style Baby Artichokes, and Moist Orange Pound Cake. We've tried some of these recipes. They're wonderful and easy. Order online now.

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