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MacGregor Honored with EGA Award

Dr. Anne MacGregor has been awarded the 2002 Elizabeth Garret Anderson Award

In recognition of her outstanding contribution to the cause of Migraine in women, Dr. Anne MacGregor has been presented with the prestigious Elizabeth Garret Anderson (EGA) Award. The award, sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, was presented at he Migraine Trust's  biennial International Research Symposium by Ann Turner, World Headache Alliance (WHA) Trustee and Director of the Migraine Action Association.

Kary Shannon, Chief Operating officer of the WHA, commented:

"Anne was recognized for her tireless commitment to research, specifically that focused on women and menstrual headache disorders and the effects of hormones on these disorders and for her and public education. Because of that, her ability to under the full dynamics of headache disorder sufferers is profound.1



Dr. MacGregor is the Director of Clinical Research at the City of London Migraine Clinic and recognized worldwide as a leading authority on headache and Migraine disease. She is also an instructing doctor and member of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Medicine of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and General Secretary of the International Headache Society (IHS). Although she is interested in all aspects of headache and Migraine, her primary research focus is on Migraine and women. She has published several studies on the effects of estrogen on Migraine.

Pictured: Dr. Anne MacGregor (R), receiving the EGA Award from WHA Chief Executive Officer Kary Shannon (L) and WHA board member Ann Turner (C).
Photo Michael John Coleman, 2002        All rights reserved.
Used with permission of MAGNUM.

When accepting the award, Dr. MacGregor said:


"I am delighted to receive this award in recognition of my work in the field of headache, in particular for my research on the effects of menstruation and other hormonal changes on Migraine in women. Migraine can be an extremely debilitating condition profoundly affecting quality of life, not just of sufferers, but of family, friends."

As part of the award, 5,000 will be donated to the organization of Dr. MacGregor's choice. Of this, she commented:


"There is still a great deal more work that we need to undertake, as each study raises more questions. I'd like to donate the award to the City of London Migraine Clinic for further research into women's Migraine, as we have several projects in the pipeline which need sponsors.

The Elizabeth Garret Anderson Award is named for the first female physician in England and is to recognize a woman whose work over time has made an extraordinary contribution to relieving those affected by the burden of headache pain.

1 From a telephone interview conducted by Teri Robert with Ms. Shannon from the International Research Symposium on September 24, 2002.

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